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Easy Eats Catering

I cater! I would love to help you host your next party with inventive, festive, and delicious chow! I do a wide range of stuff– from appetizer menus and party foods like tacos and Chicago dogs starting in the $10/per person range up to five course dinners and cocktails (in the $50/ per person range). […]
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Feelings 2016

This is a piece about male feelings. I just want to note that I am confronting a normative masculine paradigm that is traditionally cis-defined. My suggestions for a new “masculinity” are meant to be spectrum-inclusive. The definitions of masculinity in Part 1 can also be a stand- in for a broader culture of patriarchy, which […]
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The Giant Polypores of the Porcupine Mountains, UP, MI

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Let the cats be cats

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