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9/14: E-Dogz @ Afterimage

A Real Mutha For Ya!
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Announcing “Hot Mix” An Exploration of South Side Foodways

  Fall 2012, Chicago:   Eric May and E-Dogz Center for the Preservation and Advancement of Street Food Present:   Hot Mix: An Exploration of South Side Chicago Foodways   When asked where I am from I typically say “the South side”. This is not an entirely true statement, which I usually get called out […]
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One Hour Nap

I found myself in a precarious situation at Ox-Bow this summer. My job is the best- not only do I get paid to live in Shangri-La all summer, but we, the staff are provided with room and board AND a modest studio. Idyllic, right? Actually… after 12 entire summers here I have certain issues that […]
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Hors d’oeuvres & Cocktails in the Garden at Iceberg Projects: 5/20

Locality has become one of those culinary buzzwords. A shift towards an appreciation and stewardship towards the local production of food can not be a bad thing, supporting local economies and connecting us closer to the sources of our food. Yet this preoccupation can become fetishistic, evidenced in a popular skit on the sketch comedy […]
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Announcing: Cocktail Party at Iceberg Projects

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Midwest BBQ Migration: 4/6

1000 miles, 6 tanks of gas, 90 lbs. of BBQ, and 130 happy diners later and I’m back in Chicago after an inspiring (and exhausting) trip down to Kansas City for the opening weekend of “The Bread Boys!” Sean Starowitz’s and Andrew Erdrich’s “Speakeasy” show at The Charlotte Street Foundation’s La Esquina space. The intention of […]
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Piranha Club #2: The Last Last Meal

For Piranha Club #2 on March 10th, we prepared the last meal request of Lawrence Russell Brewer, the last last meal served in the Texas penal system. Brewer had ordered an obscene amount of food which when presented to him, he refused to eat in protest. The state then revoked this tradition for all death […]
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Annie 1/15

Last meal request: Pierogis, mixed dipping sauces, borscht
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Miah 1/13

Last meal request: Ribs, creamed spinach, squash
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Alex 1/12

Last meal request: Ham, risotto, cheesecake.
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