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9/14: E-Dogz @ Afterimage

A Real Mutha For Ya!
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Announcing “Hot Mix” An Exploration of South Side Foodways

Fall 2012, Chicago: Eric May and E-Dogz Cen­ter for the Preser­va­tion and Advance­ment of Street Food Present: Hot Mix: An Explo­ration of South Side Chicago Foodways When asked where I am from I typ­i­cally say “the South side”. This is not an entirely true state­ment, which I usu­ally get called out on in the com­pany […]
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One Hour Nap

I found myself in a pre­car­i­ous sit­u­a­tion at Ox-Bow this sum­mer. My job is the best– not only do I get paid to live in Shangri-La all sum­mer, but we, the staff are pro­vided with room and board AND a mod­est stu­dio. Idyl­lic, right? Actu­ally… after 12 entire sum­mers here I have cer­tain issues that […]
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Hors d’oeuvres & Cocktails in the Garden at Iceberg Projects: 5/20

Local­ity has become one of those culi­nary buzz­words. A shift towards an appre­ci­a­tion and stew­ard­ship towards the local pro­duc­tion of food can not be a bad thing, sup­port­ing local economies and con­nect­ing us closer to the sources of our food. Yet this pre­oc­cu­pa­tion can become fetishis­tic, evi­denced in a pop­u­lar skit on the sketch com­edy […]
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Announcing: Cocktail Party at Iceberg Projects

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Midwest BBQ Migration: 4/6

1000 miles, 6 tanks of gas, 90 lbs. of BBQ, and 130 happy din­ers later and I’m back in Chicago after an inspir­ing (and exhaust­ing) trip down to Kansas City for the open­ing week­end of “The Bread Boys!” Sean Starowitz’s and Andrew Erdrich’s “Speakeasy” show at The Char­lotte Street Foundation’s La Esquina space. The inten­tion […]
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Piranha Club #2: The Last Last Meal

For Piranha Club #2 on March 10th, we pre­pared the last meal request of Lawrence Rus­sell Brewer, the last last meal served in the Texas penal sys­tem. Brewer had ordered an obscene amount of food which when pre­sented to him, he refused to eat in protest. The state then revoked this tra­di­tion for all death […]
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Annie 1/15

Last meal request: Pier­o­gis, mixed dip­ping sauces, borscht
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Miah 1/13

Last meal request: Ribs, creamed spinach, squash
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Alex 1/12

Last meal request: Ham, risotto, cheesecake.
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