Announcing Piranha Club #8: A Tribute to Leo’s Lunchroom


April 27th, 11am– 9pm

at Roots & Cul­ture 1034 N Mil­wau­kee Ave.
Serv­ing a menu of brunch, lunch all day, and dinner.
Brunch 11am-2pm. Din­ner 6pm-8pm. Kitchen closes at 8.
10 seats avail­able at a time. First come, first serve. BYOB.
Veg­e­tar­i­ans, of course, are welcome!

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  1. Nicole Arevalo
    Posted November 5, 2014 at 3:45 am | Permalink

    I just ambled across this tonight. I cooked at Leo’s for din­ners and waited tabled with Terry out back on Sun­days too, 2002–2004 and it makes me gig­gle (in a good way) that there was a trib­ute to the Leo’s that I knew. I left the scene the same month the new own­ers took over. Nice guys they seemed, but I knew that they would change every­thing and I was mov­ing to Alaska, so I left with the last ship. I came back a hand­ful of years later to see if the place still existed and it seemed the answer was no, despite there being a restau­rant there, as the total facade of the build­ing had changed. I couldn’t even show my friend where the gang­way to the patio was any­more. I saw what you guys id for the menu and it for the most part felt like a Leo’s menu. Per­haps it is more inspired from when Donna was still in it ; I worked with Sheila as only owner. Good effort and Bravo on hold­ing up the torch for the restau­rant I can’t quite explain to my friends up here in Alaska, or any­where I go when I talk about my expe­ri­ence work­ing at Leo’s with Sheila, Travis, Rick, Nicole E., Phyl­lis, Jason, Terry, Car­los, Juan. Car­los II, Jose’, Chase, Renee, and all the com­mu­nity wier­dos who we had help us out from time to time. I will always remem­ber the Leo’s dinginess/crassness and inter­na­tional com­fort food as a big part of my mid twen­ties and my restau­rant life.

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