Announcing Piranha Club #8: A Tribute to Leo’s Lunchroom



April 27th, 11am- 9pm

at Roots & Culture 1034 N Milwaukee Ave.
Serving a menu of brunch, lunch all day, and dinner.
Brunch 11am-2pm. Dinner 6pm-8pm. Kitchen closes at 8.
10 seats available at a time. First come, first serve. BYOB.
Vegetarians, of course, are welcome! 



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  1. Nicole Arevalo
    Posted November 5, 2014 at 3:45 am | Permalink

    I just ambled across this tonight. I cooked at Leo’s for dinners and waited tabled with Terry out back on Sundays too, 2002-2004 and it makes me giggle (in a good way) that there was a tribute to the Leo’s that I knew. I left the scene the same month the new owners took over. Nice guys they seemed, but I knew that they would change everything and I was moving to Alaska, so I left with the last ship. I came back a handful of years later to see if the place still existed and it seemed the answer was no, despite there being a restaurant there, as the total facade of the building had changed. I couldn’t even show my friend where the gangway to the patio was anymore. I saw what you guys id for the menu and it for the most part felt like a Leo’s menu. Perhaps it is more inspired from when Donna was still in it ; I worked with Sheila as only owner. Good effort and Bravo on holding up the torch for the restaurant I can’t quite explain to my friends up here in Alaska, or anywhere I go when I talk about my experience working at Leo’s with Sheila, Travis, Rick, Nicole E., Phyllis, Jason, Terry, Carlos, Juan. Carlos II, Jose’, Chase, Renee, and all the community wierdos who we had help us out from time to time. I will always remember the Leo’s dinginess/crassness and international comfort food as a big part of my mid twenties and my restaurant life.

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