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Piranha Club #7: Gluten Revival

    Photos except #’s 5, 7, & 11 by Erin Olm-Shipman & Sean Starowitz A hearty thank you once again to Farm to Market Bread & Tallgrass Brewing!
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Announcing Piranha Club #7: Gluten Revival

  Saturday February 2nd, 7pm 1034 N Milwaukee Ave.      What the heck, since when is bread bad for you?  It was the staple of the diets of many of our ancestors.  What do they call it, the staff of life?  Yet in these diet obsessed days, we have shunned the loaf.     […]
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Top 10 2012

I’m keeping this one under 5000 words, I promise. Food continues to be a primary focus- this year most of my practices, professional and artistic, have folded into this singular pursuit. Between my professional gig at Ox-Bow, running E-Dogz and the Piranha Club, launching other projects in art contexts, writing about food, and teaching a […]
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Midwest BBQ Migration: 4/6

1000 miles, 6 tanks of gas, 90 lbs. of BBQ, and 130 happy diners later and I’m back in Chicago after an inspiring (and exhausting) trip down to Kansas City for the opening weekend of “The Bread Boys!” Sean Starowitz’s and Andrew Erdrich’s “Speakeasy” show at The Charlotte Street Foundation’s La Esquina space. The intention of […]
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Midwestern BBQ Migration

  E-Dogz is heading to Kansas City!                                                                                                 […]
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Piranha Club #1: The Bone Dinner

On Friday, February 17th, we kicked off the inaugural Piranha Club with an homage to Carol Goodden’s and Gordon Matta-Clark’s FOOD project. We recreated the menu from the infamous “Mattabones” dinner and inadvertently hosted the event 3 days prior to the 40th anniversary of the original dinner. Quickly referencing the text “Object to be Destroyed” […]
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