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E-Dogz Zombie Apocalypse Refuge Center

This was a weird one! I was asked to respond to the work of the HALFLIFERS (the collaborative team of Torsten Zenas Burns and Anthony Discenza) whose show recently opened at Gallery 400. I hadn’t been super familiar with their work, but as I delved into their catalog of videos, I was immediately attracted to their parodic, […]
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Announcing: 5/13: E-Dogz Zombie Apocalypse Refuge Center

Eric May & Rimas Simaitis present: E-Dogz: Zombie Apocalyptic Refuge Center       May 13th, 5pm- 7pm  at Gallery 400 in response to Halflifers       When the zombie apocalypse goes down, we’ll all have to think on their toes– watching our backs as we hit the roads– escaping the ravenous army of […]
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2012 in Food in Pictures

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8/9: Cooking Chapulines

Yesterday I experienced a culinary milestone, I successfully cooked bugs, grasshoppers to be exact. It was a true pleasure to collaborate with Andy Yang and his Insectology class at Ox-Bow, who collected about 60 grasshoppers over the course of their two week class with hopes that we might prepare something tasty. I’ve had experience eating […]
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