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I’m From Ox-Bow

Photo c/o Skip Ballou I’m from Ox-Bow. I’ve been saying this a lot lately. I’m okay with some bugs in the house, spiders, a welcome visitor. That hole in the screen? It can wait a few weeks. The old, the rotting– familiar and comforting. Just give it a fly paint job.   Jessica & I […]
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Dionysiac Rising

“”Man is no longer an artist, he has become a work of art: the artistic power of the whole of nature reveals itself to the supreme gratification of the primal Oneness amidst the paroxysms of intoxication” I left my making comfort zone a little bit this summer. For the past two years, for Shannon Stratton’s […]
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Zine Release: Eric May’s The Flora & Fauna of Ox-Bow

  My account of 15 years of nature loving at Ox-Bow! $10 cheap! Buy via PayPal HERE  
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8/9: Cooking Chapulines

Yesterday I experienced a culinary milestone, I successfully cooked bugs, grasshoppers to be exact. It was a true pleasure to collaborate with Andy Yang and his Insectology class at Ox-Bow, who collected about 60 grasshoppers over the course of their two week class with hopes that we might prepare something tasty. I’ve had experience eating […]
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One Hour Nap

I found myself in a precarious situation at Ox-Bow this summer. My job is the best- not only do I get paid to live in Shangri-La all summer, but we, the staff are provided with room and board AND a modest studio. Idyllic, right? Actually… after 12 entire summers here I have certain issues that […]
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Top 10 2011

I feel like I have definitely put in my lion’s share of food writing this year, as evidenced in the pages of this blog. Add several dozen posts on LTHForum.com (my handle is Jefe: my other top ten food list can be found here) as well as my column on foraging for Thelocalbeet.com. Oh and […]
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Yard Sale Sunday!

This Sunday Lauren Anderson hosted a yard sale on the meadow at Ox-Bow A few of us brought some wares down to hawk. I brought signs, zines, and mix CDs. And naturally, hotdogs for $1
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2010: Top 10 Food

Another great food year, obsessive as always- the day’s (and sometimes the week’s) food plans are first and last things on my mind every day. I guess I broke the past two years’  trend of thriftiness- things went a bit more indulgent this year- what with a $26 dollar burger in the following list. That […]
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Renegade building at Ox-Bow in the year 2010 Part 2

The second interview in the series is with Mikey Henderberg, one of Ox-Bow’s longtime cooks and part time maintenance guy who is a master tinkerer, a true jack- of- all- trades. His projects this past summer include a brand new wood fired oven and a public solar shower. MH: The first bread oven was built […]
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Renegade building at Ox-Bow in the year 2010 Part 1

The architecture of Ox-Bow presents a study in contrasts that demonstrates the progression of the needs and personality of the campus as it has grown and shifted over the past 100 years. There has been much documentation and research of its rich architectural history- most recently an information-packed chronicle of the 40+ major buildings of […]
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