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Food 2017

Where we’re at If there was one thing I ingested a lot of this year, it was media. Unfortunately, not enough of it was about food. In the sea of political hysteria, a culinary 140 characters here and there was often enough to take my mind off of environmental crisis, nuclear threat, the dissolution of […]
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Food 2016

In my Top 10 food list last year I warned that the 2016 edition might consist of nothing more than baby food recipes. The little guy just started eating in November, and I can sum up the past month of infant cookery for you real quick: I puree cooked vegetables, so far he likes sweet […]
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Top 10 2105

I considered skipping the old Top 10 post this year, in its 8th edition. Year end lists seem to be cliché, passé, blasé, blasé at this point– folks are sick of em! There’s a lot to be sick of on the internet these days. I don’t know what your Facebook feed has looked like in […]
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Top 10 2014

Truth be told, I eat a lot of chicken salads. How else do you think I keep my girlish figure after those all day food tours of far flung neighborhoods eating Jim Shoe after Jim Shoe? That’s the thing about year end lists, they tend to focus on the thrills rather than the day-to-day. I […]
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Top 10 2013

Sometimes I wonder if I have a problem, I never, I mean never, stop thinking about food. I asked Jessica if she thinks about photography nonstop and she replied “not the same way you think about food constantly”. I know I’ve got a big freakin appetite.  It seems as though I ate a million things […]
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Top 10 2012

I’m keeping this one under 5000 words, I promise. Food continues to be a primary focus- this year most of my practices, professional and artistic, have folded into this singular pursuit. Between my professional gig at Ox-Bow, running E-Dogz and the Piranha Club, launching other projects in art contexts, writing about food, and teaching a […]
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Top 10 2011

I feel like I have definitely put in my lion’s share of food writing this year, as evidenced in the pages of this blog. Add several dozen posts on LTHForum.com (my handle is Jefe: my other top ten food list can be found here) as well as my column on foraging for Thelocalbeet.com. Oh and […]
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2010: Top 10 Food

Another great food year, obsessive as always- the day’s (and sometimes the week’s) food plans are first and last things on my mind every day. I guess I broke the past two years’  trend of thriftiness- things went a bit more indulgent this year- what with a $26 dollar burger in the following list. That […]
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2009: Top 10 Food

If last year’s top 10 was assembled to gear up for the economic downturn, this year’s reflects the depths of the crunch on the old bank book. I must say that the challenge of resourcefulness can be quite rewarding- eating well for not much money is an affirmation of simple joys. A nearby selection of […]
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