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Piranha Club: Advantages in Electronic Cooking

More like Adventures in Electronic Cooking. Personally, I swore off the microwave right after the instant ramen years of early college (1998). I honestly never touched one of the things until Jessica moved in with hers four years ago. It certainly was an indispensable member of our kitchen appliance team in my household growing up, […]
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8/23: Piranha Club: Advantages of Electronic Cooking

Sunday, August 23rd, 7PM   The Piranha Club Presents: Advantages of Electronic Cooking   1034 N Milwaukee Ave.   $30 for 5 courses with drinks Buy tickets HERE   Microwave cooking is speedy!   Easy to operate!   Microwave ovens can save you energy!   And will not heat up the house!   Microwave cooking preserves the nutrients […]
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Piranha Club: Apicius

      Had a blast pulling together this Apicius menu with Matt Zatkoff. With such vague recipes (mainly lists of ingredients in this ancient tome), there was a lot of room for interpretation. Fortunately, I do think we captured the essence of this 1600+ year old cookery, I was told that the food ‚Äútasted […]
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4/12: Piranha Club: Apicius

  April XII, 7PM @ Roots & Culture 1034 N Milwaukee Ave. The Piranha Club cooks from Apicius Apicius is a collection of Roman cookery recipes, usually thought to have been compiled in the late 4th or early 5th century AD. Though impossible to prove a connection, the book is attributed to fabled Roman gourmand, Marcus Gavius Apicius. […]
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