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Food 2017

Where we’re at If there was one thing I ingested a lot of this year, it was media. Unfortunately, not enough of it was about food. In the sea of political hysteria, a culinary 140 characters here and there was often enough to take my mind off of environmental crisis, nuclear threat, the dissolution of […]
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World Town: Global Eats in Chicago

World Town: Chicago is a carefully curated guide to eating (and shopping) the best of international cuisine in Chicago. With 64 profiles of restaurants spanning Korean to Peruvian, West Roger’s Park to Bridgeview, grocers categorized by culture, and more. This book was the natural evolution of a “secret” list of spots that Eric has kept […]
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Food 2016

In my Top 10 food list last year I warned that the 2016 edition might consist of nothing more than baby food recipes. The little guy just started eating in November, and I can sum up the past month of infant cookery for you real quick: I puree cooked vegetables, so far he likes sweet […]
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A Tribute to Sonny’s (revisited)

This is an article I wrote for Proximity Magazine in 2013 for their Food & Art issue. Its never been published online and I feel like its an important moment to look back at Sonny’s. I learned this morning that Sonny just retired from working at SAIC. Sonny’s was a cafeteria owned and run by […]
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Yeah, its been quiet around here. I’ve been busy cultivating this little creature: If you’re craving some food writing (and recipes) I wrote a story about regional Mexican food in Chicago for the May issue of Bon Appétit HERE. I can’t promise there will be much content for the next few months. Maybe a baby food […]
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Top 10 2105

I considered skipping the old Top 10 post this year, in its 8th edition. Year end lists seem to be cliché, passé, blasé, blasé at this point– folks are sick of em! There’s a lot to be sick of on the internet these days. I don’t know what your Facebook feed has looked like in […]
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The World’s Largest ~Artisanal~ Jim Shoe

Frequent readers of this blog will recognize my fixation with the Jim Shoe sandwich. This sandwich could be described as a culinary abomination, a wrong idea in most every sense, a prank that could have been concocted by any number of ~stoned~ caloric thrill seekers, not too far astray from the street food fantasies of its […]
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Top 10 2014

Truth be told, I eat a lot of chicken salads. How else do you think I keep my girlish figure after those all day food tours of far flung neighborhoods eating Jim Shoe after Jim Shoe? That’s the thing about year end lists, they tend to focus on the thrills rather than the day-to-day. I […]
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No Thought For Food: The Reviews

For our “No Thought For Food” project, Alberto Aguilar and I set out to review every menu item on Food For Thought’s menu at their School of the Art Institute Sharp Building food service facility. I’d say we got through a good 3/4 of the menu. These are the results of our taste testing, transcribed from […]
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No Thought For Food

My friends at the School of the Art Institute’s Student Union Galleries (SUGS) approached me about participating in a one night event/happening called “Party” in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Coincidentally it’s about the 20th anniversary of my affiliation with the School– enrolling in my first Early College Program class in my junior year of […]
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