E 2 tha Z 3: Border Patrol


Chefs, always try­ing to look badass– the thrill and the chill.



Lookit all that cheese goo (secret recipe)

Yup, classic
Yup, clas­sic

Dedicated to Skip Rettker

Ded­i­cated to Skip Rettker

Z's pretty sandwich...

Z’s pretty sandwich…

and ugly mug

and ugly mug

there's duck fat in them tortillas!

There’s duck fat in them tortillas!

hot doggy!


takes me back to the White Castle drive thru

Takes me back to the White Cas­tle drive thru

Fine dining

Fine din­ing

Thanks to every­one that came out and indulged in our mon­gre­lized Southwest/ Norteño fan­tasies. And biggest thanks to JZ, we kill it every time. Also shout outs to Pia, true grit of the kitchen. These two wiped me out, but I felt like I held my ground (with achin feet). I don’t know how all you guys do it 6 days a week, 12 hours+ a day– respect to all the cooks out there. E 2 tha Z 4 Lyfe!

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